Bike Lift no longer available

Hi Everyone – ONRAX is out of stock of our BL3 bike lift and do not have any more in production. We are going to focus more on new products and have chosen to discontinue the BL3. Be on the lookout for some new accessories coming soon!

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New Product: Sneak Peek!

ONRAX is thrilled to finally bring to market the ONRAX model AS-36.  The AS-36 is our new motorized platform overhead garage storage unit that will be available March 27th.  The AS-36 has been in developement for the last 4 years and is the result of many tests and trials.  The AS-36 has a 3′ x 6′ deck, 350lb weight capacity, accomodates a 14′ vertical drop, is powered by an electric motor, uses a four point lift system, includes a remote control with a 16′ cord, and comes standard with sides made from 1″ webbing.  The AS-36 will likely change the overhead storage business as we know it by opening up the market to customers previously turned away from overhead storage by the need to climb a ladder.  A few other options offer a storage solution that travels up and down, both motorized and “hand cranked.”  The AS-36 will offer the biggest deck size, the highest weight capacity, the only product with sides, the most convenience for the remote control location, patent protection, and a very reasonable price point.  The AS-36 will be only available through ONRAX value added resellers.  For more information or to inquire about purchasing the AS-36 please contact  For a sneak peak at the AS-36 in action, please watch this video clip: 

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**Please note that the netted sides on the included video and photos is not the 1″ web netting that will be included with the production model.

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ONRAX Road Show

The season for home owner targeted trade shows is upon us.  ONRAX garage storage is being featured in many home shows and home related trade show from coast to coast.  The Seattle Home Show runs from February 19-27, at the Qwest Field Event Center.  Look for ONRAX in booth #535.

Additionally, ONRAX will be featured in the Closets and Home Organization Conference and Expo February 23-25, at  Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.  ONRAX will be unveiling an exciting new product on this national stage!  Visit the Closets and Home Organization Conference and Expo for a glimpse at the future of overhead garage storage!

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Tailored Living Convention

ONRAX representatives are in Dallas, TX meeting with valued ONRAX resellers at the Tailored Living convention. Tailored Living is a high end franchise providing storage solutions to homeowners nationwide. Tailored Living offers ONRAX as their overhead storage solution. 

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New Year’s Resolution

If you’re the type of person who likes making New Year’s Resolutions, you’re likely to include having great organization in your life near the top of your list!  According to a recent article in the Washington Post, “Get more organized” is the seventh most common resolution.  The best way to get started with your organizing is to purge unnecessary items.  After the purge, you’ll need to find storage space for your remaining items.  ONRAX overhead storage can create great garage storage space for holding bins and boxes.  Clear, well-marked bins stored up and out-of-the-way will put you well on your way to a more organized 2011!  So, what are you waiting for?

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Storing Your Holiday Decorations is Easy.

One of the most common uses for ONRAX overhead garage storage is for storing holiday decorations.  Are you having issues with putting away all of your holiday decorations? Many stores have plastic bins and totes on sale right now. Organize your decorations in clear, well-marked bins, and store them on an ONRAX garage overhead storage rack.  In a typical garage, one ONRAX SL48 model ceiling rack can hold 24 plastic bins!  If you have high ceilings you might even be able to store more.  If you are thoughtful with how you organize your things, it will also make your decorating process much easier next holiday season!  Mention to us before January 1st, 2011 that you read this blog post and we’ll take $25 off of your order!

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Ceiling mounting brackets

The installation of ONRAX overhead garage storage utilizes a 4.5″ steel mounting bracket that is secured with two 3″ lag bolts each.  Each of these brackets has been pull tested to withstand up to 1250lbs!  Some of our garage storage customers request longer ceiling brackets to accommodate specific placement of the overhead racks or to spread the load across more garage ceiling supports.  ONRAX will gladly provide longer ceiling brackets when requested, at no additional coast, and they are included with all of our 72″ long units.  The 4.5″ brackets provide more than enough strength for a standard installation, and are allow an easier and quicker installation than the longer brackets.

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