New Product: Sneak Peek!

ONRAX is thrilled to finally bring to market the ONRAX model AS-36.  The AS-36 is our new motorized platform overhead garage storage unit that will be available March 27th.  The AS-36 has been in developement for the last 4 years and is the result of many tests and trials.  The AS-36 has a 3′ x 6′ deck, 350lb weight capacity, accomodates a 14′ vertical drop, is powered by an electric motor, uses a four point lift system, includes a remote control with a 16′ cord, and comes standard with sides made from 1″ webbing.  The AS-36 will likely change the overhead storage business as we know it by opening up the market to customers previously turned away from overhead storage by the need to climb a ladder.  A few other options offer a storage solution that travels up and down, both motorized and “hand cranked.”  The AS-36 will offer the biggest deck size, the highest weight capacity, the only product with sides, the most convenience for the remote control location, patent protection, and a very reasonable price point.  The AS-36 will be only available through ONRAX value added resellers.  For more information or to inquire about purchasing the AS-36 please contact  For a sneak peak at the AS-36 in action, please watch this video clip: 

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**Please note that the netted sides on the included video and photos is not the 1″ web netting that will be included with the production model.

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